The inspiration

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The book is inspired by a true story. I had a sweet tooth growing up. My mother is always telling me how it was a challenge to keep me away from the sweets that she had prepared for guests. I decided to retell a childhood story in my current context with my two sons.

The characters

The book has two main characters. Idu (Ee-doo) and Adu (Aa-doo). Idu is the older brother -playful and protective and Adu is his younger brother -a boisterous brat. As an aside, Idu and Adu also mean “This” and “That” in Kannada, my mother tongue. For those who are not familiar, Kannada is the principal language spoken in Karnataka in the south of India. My hope is that as personal as this story is to me, it is also universal in its appeal and can resonate with all of you.