10 Gulab Jamuns - counting with an Indian sweet treat

Join two adorable brothers in their discovery of 10 Gulab Jamuns, a favorite Indian sweet!

The vaccum that always existedFeels a little more alive these daysTugging and pulling for attentionSucking strands of remnant optimism Into its hungry vortexI fill it with thingsDancing bellsPoetic reverieseven “dead man’s floats”I’ll catch a playI’ll sing a songI’ll do anything to keep going onAnd probably as beforeI need to do

I lie on the fringes Of human engagementWatching in silence –Unobserved, invisible Maniacally have Iyearned too to be sucked into This massive human factoryOf love, lust, attachment, – IllusionYet I touch and reboundFrom the core of life Catapulted back to where I started each timeBy quirks of fateConfused if I