An interview with Sunanda on my book and upcoming projects This month I interviewed Sandhya Acharya, author of lovely children’s books. Tell us about your book Big Red Firetruck! What was your inspiration for this book? I have always dreamed of being an author. After a long career in corporate finance, I gave myself the permission to pursue my

Why Multiculturalism in Children’s Literature is Important via There is a need for diversity in children’s books. This is my personal perspective on the issue. …Curly hair, very fair. Eyes are blue, lovely too. Teacher’s pet, is that you? Yes Yes Yes. So went a nursery rhyme I learned in school. This was in India, where of

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Original post here 2. Sandhya Acharya’s book, Big Red Firetruck! I love when authors contact me, excited about their new books or projects. Here’s one that came across my desk a little while ago. Big Red Firetruck! has enamored many a child. Indeed, children love cars, trains, trucks anything that


Aired on KQED on Oct 04, 2016 06:43 AM Recently, I gathered with 454 applicants from 61 countries to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. I stood there, nervously examining my voter registration card, passport application, a notebook of the U.S. Constitution. Ahead on the stage, the proud

In the buzz We love creative Bay Area mommies! Author @sacharya78 is now working on her second book. Characters Idu and Adu will regale us this time with their adventures around Gulab Jamuns. She is looking to start a Kickstarter campaign for the book in October so stay tuned! Her first book

My Hero of Woodhams Road!

Published on Indian Moms Connect on Sep 29, 2016 My Hero of Woodhams Road! A shoe is a strange thing to write about, but stranger things have been written about. I once wrote a poem about a lonely sock. That one was a tad sad. This one, though, has a

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Original Post here Big Red Firetruck! by Sandhya Acharya A tale of two brothers, Idu and Adu, this is a sweet and simple story for young children. It teaches children about fire trucks, fire safety and a big one- Patience. It’s a short story and with the bright illustrations it’s perfect for

My first Marathon – A tale of trots

The day before the race was about lists. Gu gels and salt packed in individual pouches, sugar tablets loaded, cap picked out, T-shirt selected. I went over my list of gear over and over again. I cut my toenails, readied my garbage bag, drained my legs. I felt prepared and

Michael Kors, Jhola and I

  A story of temptation, falling and then redemption. (Appeared in India Currents August 2016 Issue) This is a story of temptation, of failing and finally redemption. Last holiday season, I fell prey to a craven desire. It was as if I didn’t recognize myself. I was being irrational and

The treasure in my bag

  This morning as I was walking back from dropping my kids to daycare/school, I clutched at my bag. I could feel my wallet inside – it carried a few spare notes and some cards that were easily replaceable. But the treasure was not in the wallet. It was in

Guns and Grass

300 million firearms. What happens when guns become as rampant as grass? A story from the Mahabharata reminds me of the madness that sometimes surrounds us. My article in IndiaCurrents….read on

Naming rights – KQED

Perspectives Naming Rights Sandhya Acharya Feb 10, 2016 06:43 AM By Sandhya AcharyaFEBRUARY 10, 2016 SHARE It was evaluation day at preschool. I shifted uncomfortably in the little toddler seat feeling like Goliath at Lilliput’s table. My 3.5-year old’s sincere teacher spread out a sheaf of papers of work and grades.

When Dad Friends you – KQED

When Dad Friends You Perspectives When Dad Friends You  Sandhya Acharya Apr 20, 2016 06:43 AM By Sandhya Acharya APRIL 20, 2016 SHARE I woke up one morning to the petulant ping of a Facebook notification. It was a friend request, from my father. I ignored it, shuddering to think what it

Big Red Firetruck! …first book published

  I just published my first book on Amazon KDP. It is a children’s illustrated e-book titled “Big Red Firetruck” available on I have worked with Rashmi Menon my friend and very talented illustrator on this. It’s been a fun-filled adventure for us. I hope you all enjoy the

The story of Valentines Day

It is that time of the year again. It is Valentine’s Day. Husbands and wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends will go into a frenzy trying to check all the boxes – chocolates, flowers, dinner, dazzle. But what is the story of Valentine’s day? History is a bit unclear on it. According