Tearing open a memory

Our household has been trying to go paperless in the kitchen for a while. To achieve this goal, we bought several different varieties of kitchen cloths – patterned, white, colorful sets. Our process is working slowly, but we have been encountering some operations issues. One of us likes to wring the cloth after use and keep


First appeared in http://www.biculturalmama.com/2016/10/gulab-jamuns-south-asian-culture.html #tengulabjamuns ‘TEN GULAB JAMUNS’ BOOK INTRODUCES SOUTH ASIAN CULTURE TO CHILDREN – KICKSTARTER October 20, 2016 by Maria Adcock 0 Comments Contributed by Sandhya Acharya Author Sandhya Acharya and her sons. Earlier this year I self-published a children’s book called “Big Red Firetruck!” The inspiration was a bedtime story session with my then three-year-old. It

An Indian American writer’s campaign on National Day of Writing! via India Currents

https://www.indiacurrents.com/articles/2016/10/20/indian-american-writers-campaign-national-day-writing An Indian American writer’s campaign on National Day of Writing! Published on October 20, 2016 Did you know that, today, October 20th is the National Day of Writing? It was first instituted in 2009 by the National Council of Teachers of English and was officially recognized through Senate resolutions. This is a day set

2 days to launch!

2 days to launch of my Kickstarter. It could mean seeing my idea, my story, my passion taking shape. It could mean actually holding those books that I have visualized so many times over. I am nervous. The goal seems daunting. How can I reach those hundreds of people? Will they like what I am

An interview with Sunanda on my book and upcoming projects

http://www.sunandachatterjee.com/authors-blawg/interview-with-author-sandhya-acharya This month I interviewed Sandhya Acharya, author of lovely children’s books. Tell us about your book Big Red Firetruck! What was your inspiration for this book? I have always dreamed of being an author. After a long career in corporate finance, I gave myself the permission to pursue my passion for writing. I write

Why Multiculturalism in Children’s Literature is Important via Chatterblock.com

http://www.chatterblock.com/articles/1484/why-multiculturalism-in-childrens-literature-is-important/ There is a need for diversity in children’s books. This is my personal perspective on the issue. …Curly hair, very fair. Eyes are blue, lovely too. Teacher’s pet, is that you? Yes Yes Yes. So went a nursery rhyme I learned in school. This was in India, where of the 1.2 billion population very

Coming up Ten Gulab Jamuns with book review of Big Red Firetruck! by letmeoutcreative

Original post here 2. Sandhya Acharya’s book, Big Red Firetruck! I love when authors contact me, excited about their new books or projects. Here’s one that came across my desk a little while ago. Big Red Firetruck! has enamored many a child. Indeed, children love cars, trains, trucks anything that moves! In this humorous short


Aired on KQED on Oct 04, 2016 06:43 AM Recently, I gathered with 454 applicants from 61 countries to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. I stood there, nervously examining my voter registration card, passport application, a notebook of the U.S. Constitution. Ahead on the stage, the proud flag – red, white and

In the buzz

http://www.imgrum.net/media/1350948053586909777_3136370714 We love creative Bay Area mommies! Author @sacharya78 is now working on her second book. Characters Idu and Adu will regale us this time with their adventures around Gulab Jamuns. She is looking to start a Kickstarter campaign for the book in October so stay tuned! Her first book titled “The Big Red Firetruck!”

My Hero of Woodhams Road!

Published on Indian Moms Connect on Sep 29, 2016 My Hero of Woodhams Road! A shoe is a strange thing to write about, but stranger things have been written about. I once wrote a poem about a lonely sock. That one was a tad sad. This one, though, has a happy ending. I lost a