Why I marched

Jan 21st, 2017 – the day of the Women’s March will go down as an important date. Half a million marchers are said to have gathered in D.C alone. Independent estimates state there were more than 3 million marchers in the US. The Women’s March website estimates there were 673 marches around 421 U.S and

Coming back home

I love talking to my 4-year-old. He seems to have such great questions. “What is a country? Can a diesel train go faster than a race car? Can a zebra run faster than a horse? Can you tell me about the dinosaurs and the big rock? What is ‘relative to’?” And then there are the

A Thanksgiving Thought

For Thanksgiving, we are planning to take a train ride on Amtrak. The kids are excited. Preparations had to be made, the shopping list was long. Chores done, I drove back from the freeway to the busy main road towards home. Suddenly a strange sense of dwelling took over me. I looked from my Minivan

Why Kickstarter part 2

  As I began researching the economics of getting a children’s book published and distributed, I was surprised at the different elements involved. Most of us don’t know what goes behind it, so thought it might be interesting to know – Illustrations – Unless you are a highly skilled artist yourself, which many of us

Why Kickstarter part 1

– Traditional publishers receive, by one estimate I read, more than 20,000 manuscripts of which 30 are chosen that is ~ 0.1% – Multicultural content in children’s books at maybe 10% (this is a researched statistic). South Asian will be far lower – So by inference, chances of a South Asian themed book being picked