Quality or quantity

What’s in a Toy?

We were running some errands one weekend when I walked into a Toy store for an urgent purchase with my 4-year-old. I knew it was a mistake – going there with him – as soon as we walked in. As he reveled in his Toy heaven, I thought of “What’s in a Toy? What is it that holds the rapture for a child?”

Why I marched

Jan 21st, 2017 – the day of the Women’s March will go down as an important date. Half a million marchers are said to have gathered in D.C alone. Independent estimates state there were more than 3 million marchers in the US. The Women’s March website estimates there were 673

Coming back home

I love talking to my 4-year-old. He seems to have such great questions. “What is a country? Can a diesel train go faster than a race car? Can a zebra run faster than a horse? Can you tell me about the dinosaurs and the big rock? What is ‘relative to’?”

Toys on Sentry Duty

When we open our front door to step out, there is a neat row of little toys that meets the eye. Camel, Elephant, Duck, Dinosaur – they all stand sharply, on guard duty, on the porch beam right under our roof. I understand this is not a common place for

A Thanksgiving Thought

For Thanksgiving, we are planning to take a train ride on Amtrak. The kids are excited. Preparations had to be made, the shopping list was long. Chores done, I drove back from the freeway to the busy main road towards home. Suddenly a strange sense of dwelling took over me.

Why Kickstarter part 2

  As I began researching the economics of getting a children’s book published and distributed, I was surprised at the different elements involved. Most of us don’t know what goes behind it, so thought it might be interesting to know – Illustrations – Unless you are a highly skilled artist

Why Kickstarter part 1

– Traditional publishers receive, by one estimate I read, more than 20,000 manuscripts of which 30 are chosen that is ~ 0.1% – Multicultural content in children’s books at maybe 10% (this is a researched statistic). South Asian will be far lower – So by inference, chances of a South

Tearing open a memory

Our household has been trying to go paperless in the kitchen for a while. To achieve this goal, we bought several different varieties of kitchen cloths – patterned, white, colorful sets. Our process is working slowly, but we have been encountering some operations issues. One of us likes to wring the


First appeared in http://www.biculturalmama.com/2016/10/gulab-jamuns-south-asian-culture.html #tengulabjamuns ‘TEN GULAB JAMUNS’ BOOK INTRODUCES SOUTH ASIAN CULTURE TO CHILDREN – KICKSTARTER October 20, 2016 by Maria Adcock 0 Comments Contributed by Sandhya Acharya Author Sandhya Acharya and her sons. Earlier this year I self-published a children’s book called “Big Red Firetruck!” The inspiration was a bedtime story

An Indian American writer’s campaign on National Day of Writing! via India Currents

https://www.indiacurrents.com/articles/2016/10/20/indian-american-writers-campaign-national-day-writing An Indian American writer’s campaign on National Day of Writing! Published on October 20, 2016 Did you know that, today, October 20th is the National Day of Writing? It was first instituted in 2009 by the National Council of Teachers of English and was officially recognized through Senate resolutions.

2 days to launch!

2 days to launch of my Kickstarter. It could mean seeing my idea, my story, my passion taking shape. It could mean actually holding those books that I have visualized so many times over. I am nervous. The goal seems daunting. How can I reach those hundreds of people? Will