Poetic License

I am…..Who am I?..An ExperienceThat is passing as I speakIf the past is just a kaleidescope Of scenes that I watch nowWhere am I nowIN this everchaning cycle of life?If the future is just a random possibilityWhat do I need to do nowOther than be me –The Experience.

Random Choices

You never know where life takes you. Choices you make, chances you take – do they define your life or is it but a game of random probabilities? Does anything that you plan to do ever matter? How much are you predestined to go through?

A different world

What might a world have been that was catered to a woman’s needs? What is the corporate world had the essence of a woman? We would perhaps have knitting groups, tea parties, gossip session, pottery classes, wine and chatting sessions for team builders instead of roles games, golf outings, happy hours, barbecue evenings etc. I

The Zahir

Have been reading The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. The gist of his books are always of a journey of self discovery – of finding personal legends, understanding the nature of love, destiny, choice and all the unexplained but overexplained stuff. This one was about personal history and the need to lot go. To let go

OK, So just finished watching I love Huckabees. Pretty interesting movie I must say. But it gets to you in the end and confuses the hell out of you. There is a “Everything is connected” theory and a “Nothingness” theory that run in parallel for a while and then merge at the end of the

The Goal

I finished seeing the movie Motorcycle Diaries yesterday. It is indeed a story of a journey not of places but through the inner most sanctums of ones soul. A cause is what converts an existence to a living. That flame of self fulfillment is what is so attractive about some people. Here a thought for

Cackling wood, Inspirations and for one great idea :)

Its 7.00 in the evening, but already dark. We have decided to light the fireplace. The place smells of burning wood and fresh made milk and semolina kheer. The sound of cackling wood is soothing and I feel a little rested after a restless day.We find pleasure in the imperfections of life. Desert is good