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Book reviews/Interviews

  • Shanaya Tales book review: “…I loved the most was the fact that this is one of the few books where my son could actually relate to the characters..”
  • D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review “…highly recommended for parents seeking picture book read-alouds that hold multicultural elements and different insights…”
  • Family Book Club review on Twitter ..”What a fun book”..
  • Q&A with Ronnie’s Awesome List: Some important data about asian american population and corresponding children’s literature here
  • IMC book review – “What I liked about the book 1) The book introduces the kids to festive atmosphere, hospitality and a taste of India. 2) A cute story that teaches maths concepts with numbers upto 10. 3) A yummy Gulab Jamun recipe at the end of the book.”
  • Jennie Rosenblum – former teacher, library services. “This is a cuddle book for you and your child or grandchild but it is also a great read-aloud for a story time as there is so much to talk about.”
  • The Baby Spot – “This book is perfect for all children. For children of a south Asian/ Indian decent will love a book that highlights this delicious treat and children all over the world will be begging their parents to make gulab jamuns!
  • Bicultural Mama  -“10 Gulab Jamuns will have you drooling”
  • Sunanda Chatterjee’s blog – Author Interview

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