Cherry Blossoms (Katha 2017 Third Prize winner)

Katha Contest Third Place Winner: Cherry Blossoms Stepping out of the plane, that first day in America, it was the vastness that first struck me. I took in the wide blue skies, the unending green lawns, and the circuitous freeways as we drove from the airport in Arun’s convertible

Third prize at Katha 2017 (India Currents and Wellstone Center)

I am ecstatic! Won third prize in the Katha contest 2017. Thanks, India Currents Magazine and The Wellstone Center in the Redwoods for the opportunity. The theme this time was California. Take a read. All the stories are fantastic!

Michael Kors, Jhola and I

  A story of temptation, falling and then redemption. (Appeared in India Currents August 2016 Issue) This is a story of temptation, of failing and finally redemption. Last holiday season, I fell prey to a craven desire. It was as if I didn’t recognize myself. I was being irrational and

Guns and Grass

300 million firearms. What happens when guns become as rampant as grass? A story from the Mahabharata reminds me of the madness that sometimes surrounds us. My article in IndiaCurrents….read on