Laugh like crazy

My son may not share much detail of his every day, I have learned not to push, but sometimes he comes up with deep observations that really make me ponder. The other day I was picking up my son up from after-care. He showed me his art-work for the day, swung his backpack on and swooshed his paper plane towards the car. As I drove along, I could see him from my rearview mirror sporting a half smile, looking out of the window lost in his thoughts. Suddenly he asked, “Do you have friends that make you laugh like crazy? I thought for a moment and said, “Sure”, and named a few friends. He nodded and said, “K is one of my friends that makes me laugh like crazy.” Then he proceeded to fill me in on the details of what made him laugh like crazy. And as he spoke, I realized what a good measure of friendship this was. What really makes a good friend? Not how much time we spend with them, not what we do when we are with them, not what we like or dislike but whether or not your friends make you laugh like crazy. People with whom you feel so connected that mirth flows from you to them effortlessly, like unending waves. So, on ‘Friends day’, here’s to all the friends that make you laugh like crazy. May your world abounds with them.

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