Book reading at picturesque Portola Valley library

I went in to read my book 10 Gulab Jamuns at the Portola Valley library. I was in for a beautiful surprise. As I drove along Sand Hill drive I forgot for a moment I was still in the busy Bay Area. It was green and verdant, mountains, trees when I looked out of the window. As I neared the destination I looked for the sprawling building, the strip malls, the shops around. Instead, I parked outside a beautiful log cabin-like structure surrounded by a little creek and a park echoing with the voices of little children playing. Huge ceilings, open layout and beautiful wooden finishings everywhere – I was just swept away by the beauty of this library. There are these benches out by the sun where I can imagine writers writing their best selling novels or people just sipping a coffee and reading their favorite book.

The reading itself was very well attended.

I was greeted by a friendly and very efficient staff. At story time, a whole bunch of children appeared. They have a group of regulars and also some newcomers. The kids were eager to listen and count along with the story of 10 Gulab Jamuns. It was an absolute delight to interact with them.

I hope to go back again there for a reading or just maybe to read a book and work on my next story idea!

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