Wonderful Book Reading at Wonderland

A few weeks back I did a book reading at Wonderland Chinese immersion school.  It was special because it was my first ever book reading. I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do this at such a wonderfully well-run school with caring staff and teachers. I loved the concept of an immersion school where students get to really learn about a specific culture. It was heartwarming to see the school was so sincere in giving the students opportunities to not just immerse in some cultures but also learn about diversity and exposure to other cultures.

It was morning right before their snack time when all the little toddlers and preschoolers gathered.It was the day of Diwali so I walked the students through what we do to celebrate Diwali. I showed them the beautiful clothes we wear, the earthen lamps we light, the lamps we hang. We talked about the different foods we eat during the festival. One of the treats we look forward to a lot is Gulab Jamuns. And this is the sweet that is the highlight in my book “10 Gulab Jamuns -Counting with an indian sweet treat”. The kids were delighted with the names of the characters, some of them named the sweet from having had it before and were so excited. They seemed to really enjoy the story and were all into the counting part.

One of the staff at the preschool even made Gulab Jamuns that were so yummy so after the reading, everyone got to actually taste it. That was truly ending on a high note. Thank you so much for having me there and sharing your time with me.

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