A Happy Day with 10 Gulab Jamuns

Every year, the Diwali celebration at my son’s preschool- Happy Days, is a much awaited one. This time it was even more special for me as I was given an opportunity to present my book “10 Gulab Jamuns” to the wonderful parents and children of Happy Days. The director, Ms.Marmen, here is an energetic force behind the school and she has always been so encouraging throughout my journey. I read a quick excerpt from my book and had her volunteer to taste some Gulab Jamuns as she was being cheered by the audience. The festive colors, laughter of the children and parents excitement made it all really memorable. I set up a table outside and had a lot of parents stop by and get their books signed. Kids were so excited to hold them. So grateful for all the community support. The best part was, of course, seeing all those cute kids dancing to the latest Bollywood number. So adorable!

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