A birthday celebration with 10 Gulab Jamuns

Last week we went to a birthday party of a very dear friend of my son. The family was so gracious to include a book reading of 10 Gulab Jamuns as part of the celebration.

Even with stiff competition from an impressive bouncy house, the kids eagerly gathered around when it was time to read. Some of them had come early to make sure they don’t miss the session. The kids were engaged and interactive throughout. A few recognized and were excited to see foods that they eat every day featured in the book. Some were excited to discover that they shared the character’s nickname. They were on top of all the counting, including a two-year-old who so cutely kept counting after 10. So adorable! We followed up with book signing and pictures. And the best part was that everyone got to actually eat yummy Gulab Jamuns made by the host’s mom. They were amazing. Slurp!

Heartfelt thanks to the gracious host Sonie and her wonderful family and friends for supporting me throughout my journey. Hope the boys continue to celebrate many more birthdays together!

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    Lovely blog post Sandhya! We loved having “10 Gulab Jamuns” as the main event at our home that evening. I m absolutely thrilled with the book and so were all the kids! I was especially happy to see kids asking questions about how you came up with the idea, how they wondered about how you wrote the book and got it published. I think one of the best parts was hearing you read the book with all the expressions that you must have thought about while writing it.

    It’s such a pleasure to see you go through the journey – I wish you all the luck and best wishes in the path ahead 🙂 hugs and love – Sonie

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