10 Gulab Jamuns’ Diwali celebration

Last week we had a little Diwali celebration at my son’s Kindergarten. We read from my book 10 Gulab Jamuns, sampled some Gulab Jamuns, made paper lanterns and painted clay lamps (diyas). It was so much fun!

Some highlights

10 Gulab Jamuns story reading:

Kids were delighted with the story. The names of the characters ‘Idu and Adu’ and also saying ‘Gulab Jamuns’ aloud together gave everyone a lot of laughs. They amazed me with their counting skills and observations about the pictures. They identified different foods that they knew or had tried before and had questions about the ones they didn’t know. They were doing math in their minds and counting on track beautifully.

Tasting Gulab Jamuns:

They were so open to new experiences of tasting this new food. Most of them gobbled it up and wanted seconds. Some so politely said Thank you I did not like them, but I really liked trying them. Made my heart swell. Such well mannered and awesome kids for the next generation. Some observations and comments “They look like meat-balls without the meat.” “Tastes like candy.” “The syrup is so sweet” “Can I have more?”.

Arts and Crafts:

They loved making the paper lanterns and waved their finished products all around the class in excitement. They learned quickly and used contrasting colors for their lantern handles. I was surprised at how dextrous they have gotten with using scissors and tape and glue. Being in class is such a great opportunity to see them grow in their skills.

The diya painting turned out to be such an engaging and fun activity. I was honestly a little apprehensive of all the mess it would create and if kids had enough instructions. But they were just little artists unleashed. They went to town with beautiful patterns, colors and sparkles. In the afternoon I saw them all walk out so proudly with their creations. Definitely made my day!

A wonderful way to celebrate together as a community. Children’s books are one of the best ways to teach diversity in a non-pedantic and relatable way.



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