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A for…
Transitions can be hard especially for a five-year-old. Remeber your first day at college or workplace? We have all been nervous about meeting new people, anxious about connections, the pressure of performance, the need to establish oneself and of course, letting go. New beginnings also mean goodbyes to something that might have been a wonderful part of your life. During the first week of Kindergarten, an assignment given was the letter A. My son decided to write his best friends name that starts with an A on the page. Later in the car, he revealed, “Mamma, even though I don’t see my friends from HD (daycare), I still keep them in my heart. He said it a few times to make sure I heard it and perhaps to himself too. Then he declared I have ‘A’ in my heart and a little bit also D (another friend), just like Hanuman had Raam in his heart”.


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