Why Kickstarter part 1


– Traditional publishers receive, by one estimate I read, more than 20,000 manuscripts of which 30 are chosen that is ~ 0.1%
– Multicultural content in children’s books at maybe 10% (this is a researched statistic). South Asian will be far lower
– So by inference, chances of a South Asian themed book being picked by a big publisher? less than 0.01% and depending on so many other factors
This is my own inferred calculation, not perfect, but it gives an idea of how difficult it is to break into the children’s books market. My upcoming book “Ten Gulab Jamuns” has a chance of being self-published only with YOUR support.
Please support my attempt to introduce South Asian culture in a fun and relatable way to children of all backgrounds and ethnicities. YOU can make a difference to the children’s book market.

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