2 days to launch!


2 days to launch of my Kickstarter. It could mean seeing my idea, my story, my passion taking shape. It could mean actually holding those books that I have visualized so many times over. I am nervous. The goal seems daunting. How can I reach those hundreds of people? Will they like what I am offering?

Like the several Kickstarter advice giving blogs predicted I am racked by self-doubt. I feel vulnerable and uncertain. It is a similar feeling to 1 – before my wedding and 2 – before taking up a Marathon goal. Like on those previous occasions, I tell myself, “This is impossible!”  Like before, I ask myself “Why am I doing this?”

But then I also remind myself of the exhilaration that follows. The satisfaction that comes from putting in your 100% and doing a job well.

So I countdown. I remind myself – one mile at a time, one step before the other. This time, I hopefully have hundreds more pushing me towards the goal. Breathe!

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