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2. Sandhya Acharya’s book, Big Red Firetruck!

I love when authors contact me, excited about their new books or projects. Here’s one that came across my desk a little while ago.

Big Red Firetruck! has enamored many a child. Indeed, children love cars, trains, trucks anything that moves! In this humorous short story, young Idu (Ee-doo) teaches his younger brother Adu (Aa-doo) all about fire and fire trucks. Young Idu is reminded of fire looking at the hot sun. He asks his brother to bring him a Fire Truck. Adu doesn’t know what a Fire Truck looks like. He follows instructions but needs some help. Idu takes on the role of the teacher. He is patient and loving and they both have fun in the process.

It is a fun bedtime or anytime story for children for all ages – baby through preschool or kindergarten. It is also a great opportunity for caregivers to talk about fire safety. The story also has a lesson about patience and caring for siblings.

Sandhya Acharya grew up in Mumbai, India and now lives in the Bay Area. She previously worked in corporate finance and is now a writer. She is mother to two young boys, and a dance and running enthusiast. Her articles have also featured in India Currents and IMC connect. She self-published her first book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The book is titled “Big Red Firetruck!”. It has a rating of 4.9/5 with 22 reviews since it was published on 3/3/16.

Sandhya Acharya is now working on her second book titled “Ten Gulab Jamuns”. A children’s book with two adorable brothers, ten Gulab Jamuns and one hearty misadventure. Laugh, learn and relish a bit of South Asia. She will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for it in October. Check her Facebook page

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