The treasure in my bag



This morning as I was walking back from dropping my kids to daycare/school, I clutched at my bag. I could feel my wallet inside – it carried a few spare notes and some cards that were easily replaceable. But the treasure was not in the wallet. It was in a little ziploc next to it.

Neatly packed in it were six little pebbles, a lavender flower, a small twig, a round sweetgum fruit and some dried wild berries.

Every morning I now walk my kids to school and this ziploc is the repository of our explorations. We walk slowly. I push the stroller in which my 2-year-old sits and my 4-year-old either walks alongside or rides the attached stroller stand. We make stories of dinosaurs and mammoths. We stop and watch loading trucks and race with garbage trucks. We count colorful roses in people’s gardens, sing songs and rhymes, say hello to neighbors and pet eager dogs.

We thus gather. Pebbles, flowers, twigs, berries. Wonder, excitement, delight, memories. I put them all together, seal it into a little ziploc – safe in my bag, treasured in my heart.  

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    • Chandra


      Nicely written.It made me to remember the days when my daughtes coming back from Junior KG school,with their mom, peeping into road side shop and pestering the mom to buy cadburry chocolates and the poor mom who did not have enough money buying dollar like biscuits and convincing the kids that this biscuit is costlier than a dollar. Then the kids preserving the golden paper cover of biscuit in their pencil box assuming them costlier than cadburries. I also remember one of my kid bringing peeled dead skin of snake which was looking like golden garland to decorate the house !!!

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