Victims of Happiness

Read this line in the program of the play I watched today

” We were not the victims of a happy childhood”

Its a loaded statement. Have you ever looked at someone who has really gone through something – I mean really gone through life and felt like he probably got more out of it? Is happiness overrated? Are we as human beings as naturally inclined to be unhappy as to be happy? Then why fight against it? Why not surrender to everything that you feel? Happy drugs defeat the very purpose of experiencing life. And what about the super perky happy person who is at peace with he missing out? Missing out on all those nuances of the human heart, those nooks and corners that our mind leads us to – fantasy, imaginations, sorrows, despair, agony, helplessness, agitation, and happiness. Why be singularly happy when you can revel in the multiplicity of human emotion?

I am sure I am missing the point. But right now I am just happy pontifying!

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