A different world

What might a world have been that was catered to a woman’s needs? What is the corporate world had the essence of a woman? We would perhaps have knitting groups, tea parties, gossip session, pottery classes, wine and chatting sessions for team builders instead of roles games, golf outings, happy hours, barbecue evenings etc. I wouldn’t have to dream of excuses to avoid going for these “networking” events. I could perhaps actually feel bonded instead of pretending to be “bonding” I could perhaps talk to people because they are actually interesting instead of talking to them because I need a favor from them at some time. There might have been some room for genuine and well meaning relationships instead of titles at the work place. There might have been less greed and less corruption and more holistic goals of prosperity of an organization. The environment might have been better cared for, we would learn to look beyond just profits and cash flows and think about how our products are actually adding value. Perhaps our annual reports would have looked different with stories of how we actually impacted lives instead of just arithmetical measurements of success. Indeed Indeed, what might the world been like?

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