Cackling wood, Inspirations and for one great idea :)

Its 7.00 in the evening, but already dark. We have decided to light the fireplace. The place smells of burning wood and fresh made milk and semolina kheer. The sound of cackling wood is soothing and I feel a little rested after a restless day.
We find pleasure in the imperfections of life. Desert is good without dinner.
I am watching a movie – Motorcycle Diaries about the South American revolution. Its disturbing and inspiring at the same time. One person; one idea can span the entire latitude of pain for a whole people and make such a difference. ..ok…this phase lasts everytime I watch an inspiring movie or read an inspring book. One of these days, I hope the inspiration moves me more than for a day!
I just read that there are 3 billion people in this world living in destitude poverty. Thats a thought for all who are reading this. I wonder if it would take one great idea, one great reolution to make this dissapear… there I have my first post in..a little bit of me now haunts the eternal virtual and human web…

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