10 Gulab Jamuns - counting with an Indian sweet treat

Join two adorable brothers in their discovery of 10 Gulab Jamuns, a favorite Indian sweet!

I had a vibrant and involved book reading session at the ICC center in Milpitas last weekI did a morning session with excited preschoolers. They were so involved. Everyone was excited to see foods that they recognized in the book. Later in the evening, I read to an enthusiastic bunch of after-schoolers. They were extremely active and eager. They listened carefully and some of them declared “I like the story”. I gave them a prompt of “If I had 10 Gulab Jamuns” and asked them to write a story with pictures and if they wanted, words. Boy, were they creative!

My son may not share much detail of his every day, I have learned not to push, but sometimes he comes up with deep observations that really make me ponder. The other day I was picking up my son up from after-care. He showed me his art-work for the day,

I went in to read my book 10 Gulab Jamuns at the Portola Valley library. I was in for a beautiful surprise. As I drove along Sand Hill drive I forgot for a moment I was still in the busy Bay Area. It was green and verdant, mountains, trees when

On Jan 9th I did a book reading session at (MVLA) Mountain View Adult Education Center. The lovely ladies at the daycare center and the director made me feel at home and the kids were so into the story and counting. The parents attend classes and can drop their kids

A few weeks back I did a book reading at Wonderland Chinese immersion school.  It was special because it was my first ever book reading. I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do this at such a wonderfully well-run school with caring staff and teachers. I loved

Every year, the Diwali celebration at my son’s preschool- Happy Days, is a much awaited one. This time it was even more special for me as I was given an opportunity to present my book “10 Gulab Jamuns” to the wonderful parents and children of Happy Days. The director, Ms.Marmen,

Last week we went to a birthday party of a very dear friend of my son. The family was so gracious to include a book reading of 10 Gulab Jamuns as part of the celebration. Even with stiff competition from an impressive bouncy house, the kids eagerly gathered around when

Last week we had a little Diwali celebration at my son’s Kindergarten. We read from my book 10 Gulab Jamuns, sampled some Gulab Jamuns, made paper lanterns and painted clay lamps (diyas). It was so much fun! Some highlights 10 Gulab Jamuns story reading: Kids were delighted with the story.

Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players have given us a new Shakespearean conundrum to think about. To kneel or not to kneel. Is it right to do anything but stand in front of the flag during the National Anthem? Even if it a respectful sign of protest against things that

First published in Aaduna literary journal It was the middle of the school year. Mala’s family had just moved to the little obscure town of Belgaum in the interiors of India. The only school within walking distance was the vernacular one. This was her last year at school, the most important

Just then, out of nowhere, as the train left Mulund station, a beautiful voice came lilting through the doors and windows. It was the sweetest sound one could have heard. “Lemons sweet lemons for you”. And like magic, the rains suddenly stopped. A brave defiant rainbow stood outside the window. Overjoyed by this happy coincidence the ladies brought their hands together and clapped for Suman Bai. “Look what magic my lemons bring”, said Suman Bai equally elated. “Lemons sweet lemons for you.

A for… Transitions can be hard especially for a five-year-old. Remeber your first day at college or workplace? We have all been nervous about meeting new people, anxious about connections, the pressure of performance, the need to establish oneself and of course, letting go. New beginnings also mean goodbyes to